The Refuge

Find your refuge at Refúgio das Origens and … Rediscover yourself!

Refúgio das Origens is located in Monte Novo do Vale Lousal, Ermidas do Sado, on the Municipality of Santiago do Cacém, in the Alentejo region, Portugal.

This is a family place, Rosa’s family heritage. She spent her childhood in this place, learnt to live with nature and closely watched the traditional farming activities. It was here that Rosa has developed a bond with the land and her home.
Refúgio das Origens belongs to a 49.42 acres estate. It was once land for bovine cattle grazing and sown with wheat, European yellow lupine, corn and peanuts. There are large trees in the surrounding area with over two hundred years old. These trees mark the landscape by their grandeur.
This agritourism place is the outcome of Rosa’s big wish of going back to her origins.
Its name came out naturally. It really is a refuge of origins. Of going back to the land and to what makes her feel loved.
This is a lively place, where like Rosa, you can enjoy the cork harvesting, the collecting of mushrooms and asparagus, the olive harvest for oil and pickling. Here you can enjoy and taste these flavours. You can touch the land, sow and plant in the greenhouse, do some hand watering, and watch a few rare species of the local avifauna.
At Refúgio das Origens, you can feel nature from sunrise to sundown. Just by resting peacefully on a lounge chair with your eyes set on the waving wheat, the flight of birds and the gentle breeze that touches the trees by afternoon’s end.
Come along and meet this place! Try to feel the plains. Let yourself be enthralled by the magic of this region.

Our Products

Our greenhouse and vegetable garden are sown all year round and we offer you the chance of touching the land and experiment with daily farming activities.

We have grown products that can be tasted during harvesting time while you are staying over at Refúgio das Origens. If you’d like, you can harvest and take them home. We call this activity HWPT – Harvest, Weigh, Pay and Take away.
It’s with these very products that we make your breakfast here at Refúgio das Origens, as well as some of our traditional dishes –  “Açorda de Beldroegas, Açorda de Tomate, Açorda Alentejana…”


Rosa Pádua Azevedo

Monte Novo Vale Lousal

7565-257 Ermidas-Sado, Portugal
Tlp : +351 269 594 046

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